Whether you're reading this as a self-proclaimed audiophile, and you're on first-name terms in your local record shop, or you're pretty happy with your Spotify/Apple Music subscription. There's a chance that most of you reading this at some point have sought out the origin of a track you love, an artist you've just discovered.

As a community, we are an ever-growing collective of music fans. You don't have to know everything or profess to be a music enthusiast. The joy of finding new music is that it's new to you! That's all we do when we hit the record store to seek the latest test press or underground release from local talent.

Crate Digs is a like-minded group of people that share the joy of the unknown in music. Through our radio and live events platform, you can mix with people of all backgrounds and creeds and unite together in that love of music.

Being a part of Crate Digs, whatever you put in, you can get back. Check out our roster of DJs from all over the world, tune in and interact with real DJs playing live tracks. Come and check out live events and mix with people that are a part of our movement. Inclusivity is what it's all about.