Formerly known as Jackson Miles, Taijae is a Melbourne based DJ. Travelling and living in different cities from a young age, a mixed bag of bootleg cassettes, Mushroom Jazz discs and concept blog mixes influenced and shaped Taijae's style and taste in music. What was initially a side hustle promoting events and curating parties culminated in the creation of Condensed Milk.

A collective of like minded DJs and artists. Condensed Milk has released three compilations entitled Dusty Milk Crates. Condensed Milk also curates and hosts an 8 year weekly residency at Section 8. PB & J (Pressed.B-sides and Jams) with Taijae is hosted by Crate Digs every Sunday 7 - 9pm. Expect to hear an eclectic mix of beats, hip hop, broken beat, house and underground electronic music. Introspective music for all moods across different tempos and vibes.

Catch Taijae on Sundays from 7pm EAT  (8am GMT)/