This year due to the pandemic, record store day has been cancelled and rescheduled several times from its usual date in April. The challenges of social distancing and large groups - mean that this year will undoubtedly be different.

What is clear now is that there will be three drop dates this year. August 29th, September 26th and October 24th.

I visited Reckless Records in London this week - and the guys weren't aware of the news itself, which given that they've just refurbished their shop and managing new social distancing rules - could be why August 29th could still be too soon for some shops to achieve.

Right now independents need support more than ever, with Crate Diggers everywhere still unsure whether to venture out into the shops.

Our recommendations for UK shops: wear a mask when entering a shop even if not prompted, and sanitise your hands before and after entering the store.

A full list of albums that are planned for release on those dates can be found here.

What to expect? Socially distanced queues and bookable slots for those stores that are quick enough to organise it.

For Crate Digs, this is our first year under operation to be experiencing record store day - and we plan to do so with our first in-store event at Stay Loose Records in Wolverhampton.

More importantly, the message from Crate Digs here is support your record stores no matter what day of the year it is. Independent artists and labels rely on stores/outlets; we depend on them to enable us to play the music that goes unheard and streamed at awful bit rates.