Rainbird Williams has been enjoying collecting and playing tunes since jokingly offering to DJ at a friend’s jungle disco-themed 30th a few years ago. His friend said yes and he’s been mixing ever since.

Involved with music from a young age, it wasn’t until moving to Melbourne and experiencing the festival scene (in particular Meredith Music Festival and Golden Plains) that really exposed him to a wide variety of genres, performances and amazing late night DJ sets that he took a hard turn from playing violin and bass guitar in cover bands to hitting the decks.

In his spare time Rainbird Williams dabbles in music production with Ableton Live and is enjoying exploring synthesis, crafting beats, creating soundscapes and making DJ Edits - the latter which he hopes to feature in some of his upcoming shows.

Expect to hear Disco, House, Funk, Electronica, Deep House, Tech House, World and maybe a splash of Techno or Ambient.

You can catch Rainbird Williams every Wednesday afternoon from 3pm AEDT (4am GMT).