Our first ever guest-mix contribution to the series and I couldn't be happier that an old UGS commander - Dougie - has stepped up and provided us with some bumpy lockdown beats for the weekend.

Where are you from, and how did you get into playing music?

I'm originally from Croydon, South London, and currently living in the leafy suburbs of Reigate.

I first got into DJing around 9 years ago - mainly out of boredom! I've always had a solid passion for music and decided to try my hand at it at a time when I started listening more and more to Deep and Afro House mixes by the likes of Fingaprint, Sef Kombo and Kismet.

What are your views on the technology in music at the moment?

I feel that technology is a real enabler, and gives DJs the ability to be versatile with how they work with the music. I'm a real believer in 'learning' the hard way, and so I feel that DJs should be able to play music on the most basic of equipment, but once you introduce new technologies, the sky's the limit.

Who's a DJ you really like at the moment; anyone we should take note of?

I've been out of listening to DJ sets for a while, but two of my favourite DJs of all time are Rikki Humphrey and NJay - both play an amazing selection of music (spanning various genres) and are super talented.

Out of your tracks, pick two artists that you know and like and want to say a few words about

I can't claim to know them, but I've been following the duo Rhode & Brown since their second release on one of my favourite labels; Toy Tonics. I love their use of samples in some of their floor-directed tracks and the atmospherics in some of their deeper B-sides...they always smash it out of the park for me.

Harvey Sutherland is another wicked producer in my opinion - the musicality of his tracks is unreal and he can do no wrong.

Have you got any gigs coming up; where can people see you play?

Nothing lined up at the moment having taken a couple of years out of playing music, but I'll be getting stuck in again with guest-mixes and the like very soon..

Thanks to Dougie for providing us with this mix - amazing selection. Go follow Dougie, check out some of his older mixes here and follow his movements on the gram.

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During these times of lockdown, stay safe, stay home - and listen to Cratedigs!