This is the first edition of 'Spotdigs'. Hopefully an idea that can progress and be collaborative. Below is the podcast link, and after that is the playlist on Spotify itself.

A focus on a couple of these artists. (I'll do this moving more in future posts).


Let's pay tribute to a group that features twice on this playlist. Johnny'  D' De Mairo and Nicky Palermo Jr - have forged banging disco tracks since the '90s (Maybe earlier? send your answers in). C'Mon Give It Up has heavily featured as a 'go to' for me for a few years now. Released in 2003 and produced by Mike Delgado.. the repress for me was a must have.

Image sourced from google.

Here's a great BBEMusic article for you to dig further on the details. Meanwhile, you know if you're out foraging and a Johnick record pops out - give it a listen. It will probably end up in the bag.

Frits Wentink

An artist that I continue to lose words for, all of his releases leave me in awe of his productions. Simon Mensink is a bit of a genius, seemingly classically trained - but self-taught... his mind and creative output come through in his music. Another great article/interview with him on BoltingBits.

I keep a signed photo of 'Fritsy' that he sent out with one of his records above my set up. I'm not odd I promise. 

My record bag will always probably include a Frits e.p. One of my favourite tracks will always be Marygohorse 2.

Thats' it for this post. The train keeps moving. More to come in February.