Petals in Sound (Louise Baldwin) is a London-based (UK) artist, producer, and DJ.

Born and raised in the seaside town of Southport in Merseyside, Petals in Sound has spent the past two years crafting her sound as an artist/producer, citing techno, disco, house, and everything in between as her influences.

Having spent years writing music, performing in bands and working in the music industry, it wasn’t until 2017, after purchasing an Arturia Minilab MKII, Ableton Live and a Pioneer DDJ400, that she immersed herself into the world of electronic music production and DJing.

Heavily influenced by the synth-heavy production techniques used by the likes of Daniel Avery and Bicep, Petals in Sound’s music draws references from both acts as well as LOFI-house favourite Baltra, through to the downtempo jazz sounds of Laurence Guy and Chaos in the CBD. She is also a huge fan of all things WOLF Music.

Her debut EP 'PALACE' was released in September 2020 under Miami + Mexico-based Space/ Techno/ House label and party producer Boyanza Records. Additionally, her track ‘Sunlight’ features on the VA compilation ‘SPHERES OF SOUND: In support of Roshni and UKBP' (released 20th July 2020) in collaboration with Manchester-based collective Shifting Spheres.

Petals in Sound playfully attacks the fabric of deep house, pushing and pulling the genre into modern territory with clever and precise production techniques. Warm, lush heady house music, even the mildly weightier darker track of 'Titahi Bay' still stays connected to the heady feeling which is true testament to the producer.

With DJ appearances at Folklore and Rye Society in London under her belt, Petals in Sound has also pulled together mix sessions delivering a unique blend of genres including house, disco, Italo, techno and minimal house for the likes of Melodic Distraction (Liverpool), SISU (London) and Empty Plate Radio (Miami).

I had a chat with her on the phone about her aspirations in music, and one of key impressions I took from Louise was her motivations for encouraging equality within and for the industry. If you are reading this and want to read more, here are some organisations Louise recommended.

" is a global community of women and gender minorities in the music industry".

Diversity, Inclusion Well being Consultancy | Sisu
Sisu is a Diversity, Inclusion and Well-being consultancy. This fresh, innovative consultancy collaborates with organisations to embed the principles and practices of D&I into the daily running of their business, ensuring it becomes second nature.

SISU: "A Diversity, Inclusion and Wellbeing consultancy that will collaborate with your organisation to embed Equality, Inclusion and Diversity principles within the day to day running of your business."

Shifting Spheres is a DJ collective on Instagram (and other channels) that is also worth following.

We say thanks to Petals In Sound for her contribution to the mix series, and hope to hear more from her soon.