This latest edition of the mix series is from our very own Dan Speed a.k.a. Speedyman records.

Dan's put together a mix which spans 35 years from 1985, it'll have you on your feet and one to play loud.

For each of these tracks, Dan's written a nice piece on each of them and the meaning they hold for him.

1. Paul Hardcastle - 19 (1985) Found for £1 in uptown vinyl records, Spalding. 19 spent 5 weeks at No. 1 in the UK charts from May onwards.
2. Prince - Kiss (1986) This was amongst a massive bundle of 45's given to me by my step dad for Christmas one year.
3. Public Enemy - Bring the noise (1987) Whilst this track and the album "It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold us Back" were officially released early the following year. A "No noise" version on 12" missing samples from Funkadelic's, "Get off your ass & Jam" and a 7" promo were released in 1987.
4. Fingers inc. Can you feel it (1988) Can you feel it was originally released as an instrumental by Larry Heard in 1986 as Mr Fingers. In 1988 under Fingers inc. It was released with Chuck Roberts "My House" over the top. There was also a version using Martin Luther King Jr's "I have a dream" speech.
5. Frankie Knuckles - Tears (1989) This was an unexpected B side on an unofficial 12" of The Nightcrawlers "Push the Feeling", that I picked up. A very pleasant surprise.
6. Deee-Lite - Groove Is In The Heart (1990) This would become somewhat of a party track for me that I would regularly drop during a Garage set.
7. Ce Ce Peniston - Finally (1991) This one is an absolute classic. Picked up on the S12 label with We Got a Love Thang on the other side. Another classic which I also have on a 7".
8.  Robin S. - Show me Love (1992) The original track by Robin S. Was released in October 1990, this Stonebridge remix was released on BIG BEAT in 1992
9. Livin' Large - Love is What We Need (1993) This 6 track release from Nice 'n' Ripe sees vocals from Colonel Abrams "The Truth" placed over 4x4 beats. I've opted for the "5 minute wonder mix" on this occasion.
10. 24 Hour Experience - Together (1994) Whilst my version of Part II : More dub Essentials was released in 1997 on a black and green label, the massive Grant Nelson 4 tracker was originally released in 1994 on a black and red label. Featuring different samples from Vicky Martin's "Not Gonna Do It" on both "Together" and "I Need a Man".
11. Wildchild - Renegade Master (1995) The first of two massive tracks from Wildchild, this one has stuck with me from the moment I heard it as a kid.
12. Wildchild - Jump to My Beat (1996) Opted for the Todd Edwards Jump remix on this one.
13. Serious Danger - Deeper pt II (1997) 1997 was a big year for Speed Garage, with the likes of Double 99 "R.I.P Groove", 187 Lockdown "Gun Man" and Judy Cheeks on "Reach and Spin", or even Serious Dangers "High Noon". I've selected "Deeper Part II" because of its Dark and Heavy style with its use of Liquids "Liquid is Liquid" samples.
14. Ruff Driverz - Deeper Love (1998) Ruff Driverz, again a favourite of mine in the Speed Garage scene. I own multiple copies and remixes of "Deeper" and "Don't stop". The "Classic Mix" I've picked here, because again it was a pleasant surprise in the form of a bouncy 2-stepper that I was unaware of when I bought the vinyl.
15. K-Warren - When I Close My Eyes (1999) 1999 is where my love of UK garage truly began. Released on the Outlaw records label in 1999 with vocals by Shanice I picked up my version on a 2000 release 3 x whitel label compilation called "Hype the Joint". This is sadly the only one of the 3 vinyl I still own.
16. Dj South Central - freestyle (2000)
Huge 4x4 number from none other than Mike Millrain. A Staple of any UK Garage selection, the man has more aliases than most people have socks.
17. Goldie - Believe (2001) My good friend and supreme crate digger Morevibes turned me onto this one. After letting me borrow it for a good long time I sought out my own copy. MJ cole on the mix I have chosen.
18. Todd Edwards - Shut the Door (2002) This is the track that began my love for Todd Edwards, he has continued to inspire me throughout the years even to a point that I have released 2 tracks, heavily inspired by Todd edwards. "Made in Todds Image" & "Ethereal Blossom" both available to stream on all major services.
19. DJ Ride - Follow Me - Ride With Me (2003) A take on Aly-us' Follow me, this version of DJ Ride's "Follow Me - Ride With Me" ft. John Jr & CKP, is my favourite. It truly captures my heart with its totally unforgiving bassline that will shake you to the core.
20. Dj $ki - I need you 98 re-eq'ed dub (2004)selected from his 4 track "Winter Sampler" of 4x4 numbers.
21. Carmen Macrea - How Long Has This Been Going on (2005)
MJ Cole bootleg from a 4 track White label.
22. Fish Go Deep - The Cure and the Cause (2006)
As garage by this point had almost faded, my attentions started to turn to Deep and Funky House. This remix by Dennis Ferrer has been a favourite of mine and I spent a good few years trying to pick it up on vinyl, as I missed it during its release period.
23. Burial - Southern Comfort (2007) Burials first album was named by The Wire as album of the year 2006. HDBLP001 was the first signing and LP released on Kode9's Hyperdub label. Burials style sees a dark and emotive take on the UK rave scene, in this instance 2 step. My vinyl is the second run which was released in 2007 shortly before his second album Untrue (released November 2007) which would see a  nomination for the Mercury Music prize in 2008
24. Paleface & Kyla - Do You Mind (2008) This came out around the time I first visited Ayia Napa and UK Funky was beginning to kick off, this mix is by Crazy Cousins and peaked at No. 48 in the UK charts.
25. D-Malice - Gabryelle refix (2009) This is a UK Funky refix of 2005's Spen and Technic track Gabryelle.
26. Roska - Love 2 Nite (2010) This release on Rinse recordings by Roska features Jamie George on the vocals.
27. Mosca - Bax (2011) Do I smell a Garage resurgence? This one hit me hard when I discovered it on Spotify, my immediate response was to fire the link to everyone in my contacts list. Its BIG!
28. Underground Solution - Release the Pressure (2012) This was a 2012 rework of a 2003 release on the same label, Sound of London Underground
29. Disclosure - You & Me (2013) I remember discussing Disclosures debut album "Settle" with friends at a BBQ, debating its roots in UK Garage. "You & Me" featuring Eliza Doolittle firmly settled this debate in Garages favour.
30. Burial - Raver (2014) Repressing of Burials highly acclaimed 2nd album Untrue (2007). Re-released on vinyl in 2014
31. Dona - 9th Point (2015) Vinyl Only release 9th/15th Points. Points004 was the fourth and final Points release from Points Records.
32. DJ Backspin - Weapon '97 (2016) The first release DRB001, from the label DR Banana, putting out limited presses collecting big UK Garage flavours for the last 4 years. DRB11 came out August 2020 and is firmly planted in my collection. DR Banana also released its DRBAGAIN line collecting previously released UK Garage monsters.
33. Hardrive - Deep Inside (2017) Remastered release of the 1993 classic by Erick Morillo and Louie Vega featurning Barbara Tucker on vocals. This release from Strictly Rhythm is on an all white vinyl.
34. Calibre - Break That - (2018) This number from Calibre is another track that took me by surprise on Spotify, falling into the breaks category but slowed down slightly fits comfortably in with the Garage genre.
35. Holloway -  You & Me( 2019) This one from Holloway's 5 tracker "Late Night Excursions" EP released on the Warehouse Rave label.
36. EL-B - Dusk Till Dawn (2020) The fifth release from the label GD4YA sees El-B's 4 track EP "Brixton 2 Croydon". A mixture of broken 2-Step and soulful House cuts.

Dan sent us a list of record shops that have helped fuel his musical habits, and he's helped support:

Jays (closed)
Streetwise (closed)
Black wax (closed)
Rhythm syndicate (closed)
Hot Numbers - Max Rees (closed) Max was a friend of the family so I was able to buy from him after the store closed. He used to fill a record bag up with vinyl and let me take it home. I used to drop it back and pay for what I wanted. He is now selling his entire catalogue via Discogs under the name spellbinderz
Parrot Records (closed)
HMV - Would find the occasional non commercial gems, and if they could find a record on their system, they would order it in for us. (closed)
Black Barn Records (closed)

Uptown Vinyl Records - Spalding, A huge warehouse of 2nd hand vinyl, embedded in a garden centre on the outskirts of Spalding. Prices are low low if you're looking for electronic music. I found some absolute gems in here. £4 being the highest I paid for a double pack vinyl.
Cloisters Antiques - Ely. "The Dungeon" as its lovingly known. Second hand vinyl in the basement of an antique store, topped up every other Thursday. Found the odd gem here.

Uptown Records - London (closed) never had the chance to visit this fantastic store.
DNR Vinyl - Croydon. Still ordering from these guys regularly.
HTFR - Birmingham
UDM (closed)
Elevate.Berlin - DJ Cinthie's shop. DJ Cinthie is a huge inspiration, from setting up her own store and labels (803 Crystal Grooves, We_R House, Beste Modus to name a few) she presses her own vinyl and even packs and posts her orders personally. She's also one hell of a producer and DJ... Cinthie, we love you.
Energy Flash Records - found these going down a Google rabbit hole. Got a very large bundle of old school Garage at an incredibly competitive price.