Hello and welcome to my Crate Digs Mix Series! I put together a mix that focuses on deep tech house but also includes some bangin' tech house, breaks as well as some more melodic house music.

I've been pretty inspired by the minimal tech house sounds of labels like PIV Records, Locus, PAWZ and Solid Grooves recently. These sounds are perfect for bumping in your headphones during the day--not too wild like the hard-hitting, bassy house I like to drop at parties and clubs. This mix is a journey so buckle up, crank that volume, and enjoy the ~v~i~b~e~s~.

You can catch me on Crate Digs Thursday's from 9-11PM ET or follow me on Instagram @EREZ.JPG to check out where I'll be spinning in person.


Own Flavor - Stoned Island
Menace II Society - Mall Grab
Jazzy Candy - Eddy M
Malfunction - Instrusive, Deeper Purpose
Griminess - Prok & Fitch
NYC Dirty Talks - Black Loops
Waterloo - Chris Gialanze, Ozzie Guven
You Turn Me On - Vales
High Pressure - Sidney Charles
Brute Factor Disco - Armless Kid
Portable - Traumer
Feel For You - Toman
Soulstice - Secondcity
Up To Love - ANOTR
Paragon - Demarzo
Be Here Now - PAWSA
023 - Will Easton
Sink to Chair - Stones Taro
Every - Redlight
Peter’s 93 Jay Shepheard
Contact - Butch
Sprinkler - Franky Rizardo
Couldn’t Find the Words - Tom VR
Dubelle Oh XX (JVIP) - Denis Sulta