Mister Trim (aka Mr Hollywood & Tornado Trim) is Birmingham based DJ and Party Promoter. After a fledgeling DJ career playing Drum' n' Bass, UK Garage and House across Birmingham from 1999 - 2006, the rise of terrible homemade productions, unscrupulous money grabbers and Von Dutch sponsored DJs triggered a ten year sabbatical for Mr Trim. Fortunately, in 2016, a house move involving 50+ boxes of vinyl and crippling back pain forced him to digitise his vinyl, and in doing so, relight the fire for music and mixing.

From a young age, music wasn't to feature in his life. He only had three artists on shuffle: Peter Gabriel, Nirvana and Red Hot Chilli Peppers (which in hindsight was a terrible decision, as none of these artists would ever influence his future sound or taste).

Thankfully, a chance encounter with an Aphex Twin album in an "Our Price" record store in 1998 changed his life. The dawning realisation of a world that comprised of IDM, electronica and other leftfield goodness plagued every second of Mr Trim's mind - "Who is Aphex Twin? What are these sounds? Why does this music make me feel so good? Where can I get my next fix?".

Turntables, borrowed vinyl, dubious MP3 downloads, multiple music/culture magazine subscriptions and taping pirate radio soon followed. With no knowledge of what music he truly liked, he surrounded himself with everything he possibly could, gradually developing a taste that ran from ambient to hardcore and an unhealthy sprinkling of everything else in between.

In 2017, the bumbling Brummie jester found his second wind and started networking local house nights looking for some gigs, with residencies soon following at the fantastic "Dust & Wax" and "TOSH" parties, eventually becoming the Co-Promoter at the later. "TOSH" grew to be a beautiful monster, and launched Mister Trim into other promoters radars. Particular highlights include: warming up for Brandon Block at Beat Inception becoming resident at Mr Moon & Friends (BrassicBeats, Bristol) and playing the Toil Trees stage at the Beatherder Festival.

During this period he also launched two other nights alongside TOSH. "Starlight Discotheque" which focussed on playing funk, soul and disco, and "Freestyler", playing stuff so varied and out-of-place, you wouldn't even pair it together in the weird section of Aldi.

So how did he end up here? One belief that has run through this almost farcical career is that music is shared, and good music can bring beautiful souls together.

In the early part of 2020, he wanted to share his eclectic taste in music, as was the world's confinements at that time.

"That's where this show stemmed from – the heart and soul behind it will never change. It's not about me playing my music, it's about us, coming together as one. Escaping the news and the politics you get every minute of every day, chilling out, and breaking bread to breakbeats."

You can catch Mister Trim every Sunday on Crate Digs from 2-5pm GMT/UTC.