Justin Ray aka JT is a Midlands based DJ, party promoter, record producer and musician (not strictly in that order at all times) His DJ career started when he was in single age digits back when and before everything that is classic was then new. Growing up in the deep Black Country in the industrial decline of the early 80s he was the recipient of a steady flow of free ex-jukebox records and started DJ-ing out to other kids at a very early age in youth clubs and small parties playing a mix of soul; disco; ska; electro and pop. Too young to afford to buy all the latest imports or go clubbing his older peers lent him tapes with the new sounds of Chicago and Detroit in the mid to late 80’s which led to him quickly moving to house, techno in the 2nd half of the 80s as they emerged into British culture. This soon developed into a love of the scene and he started to lean towards the more alternative club nights and parties on his stomping ground in the 90s including DJing at his weekly residency, the “Freestyler” alt club night at legendary rock club JB’s playing everything from Rock, Indie, left field breaks, techno and D&B. He continued playing and producing dance music until 2007 when he had a break to concentrate on supporting and raising his family.

In 2017 he decided early retirement wasn’t set in stone and approached his local alternative music and beer emporium “Claptrap the venue” and proposed to them his new ‘acid house party’ project. The aptly venue influenced "TOSH" parties were born on a Thursday night in January to a crowd of 20. They soon became a massive success moving to the weekend and now attract a capacity crowd.He went on to launch more nights alongside TOSH. "Starlight Discotheque" which focussed on playing original vinyl funk, soul and disco, "Freestyler" a DJ vs DJ event, “Brassic Beats” a left field Breakbeat and House night, and “wonky disco” playing everything alternative or electro from the 80s and 90s. Highlights outside of these nights are warming up for Brandon Block at Beat Inception, Mr Moon & Friends (Bristol) and playing the main Toil Trees stage at the Beatherder Festival supporting Hannah Wants and co.

He is trained as a studio record producer and has been producing alt. rock, Indie, hardcore (breakbeat house), house, acid, bleeps, techno and everything in between (including drumming in a metal band himself) since 1992 with a sound developed and refined but never static, striving to create his own take on the left field techno scene with his new project alias Nçella which has seen a few releases on fledgling labels in 2020 and more on the way in 2021.

This year he’s decided to come back with a new club rave project “Rhythm Quest” for leftfield breaks, house and techno and Jungle promoting new music with a loose finger on the still strong beating pulse of the old-skool rave scene. He approached the amazing people at crate digs to be part of their family and here is the show in radio form with the aim of recreating the sound and feel of pirate radio in the early 90's plugging rave nights and new artists with that alt-electronic sound.

You can lock in to Rhythm Quest with your host Justin Ray every last Saturday of the month on Crate Digs from 6-8pm GMT/UT