Jono Crabbe is a producer, DJ and visual artist. An avid digger and record collector his collection spans across genres far and wide (apart from country - we have to draw a line somewhere). His love of music was born out of a healthy diet of grunge and no wave, taking a detour through jazz, fusion and funk before settling in the boundless pastures of techno, breaks and all things electronic.

Dolphin Days is two hours of happy accidents and curious meanderings through music, sound and noise. An exploration of the subtle, the crude, the fun, the sad, the serious and not so serious. Influences are broad; from Agnes Martin and Kurt Schwitters to DJ Marcelle and Martin Hennett. Jono see's mixing as an opportunity to paint with sound, to create something that's always moving, flowing and melting into one. There are no grandiose intentions, just honest explorations and an open mind. As Agnes says, 'it's all about feeling, everything, everything is about feeling.'

Genres/Styles: Ambient, Fusion, Downtempo, Leftfield, Breaks

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