My name is Jay, I'm the founder of Crate Digs. I'm a music enthusiast and I've been collecting vinyl on and off for 20 years.

I started Crate Digs with the ambition for somewhere for us to play out and not be shut down or crippled by egos. I'm incredibly proud of what we as a collective have achieved so far - more to come!

I'm reigniting my "Solar Trip" show on the 3rd Sunday of every month with 3 hours of everything and anything. I love to play house, funk, hip hop, disco and all genres in-between. I love anything with a Jazz sample, and to be honest, anything with a sample.

I started listening to UK garage and underground music probably at a time in which the scene was on its way through in London. I was always longing after the sound from 94/95 which was before my time. House music was something that came naturally. I've flirted with the genre over the years, seemingly geographically influenced in style. French, Dutch, Detroit etc. are all sounds and flavours of what I like to listen to and play. East Coast Hip Hop and early 90's Hip Hop I've always loved. I've gone through phases like most. Warp Records has had an effect on me like it has so many others, and I'm a proponent of UK producers and artists naturally as for me it's how you relate to the track. I can tell a story by connecting them together.

"Solar Trip" is my way of expressing my musical journey around the sun. The more we go around, the better it gets.

Catch my show "Solar Trip" from 7-10pm GMT every third Sunday.