This event has now passed, but you can still donate below.

Virgin money (who I initially and probably regrettably set this up with) is having traffic problems today. So there is now a Just Giving link too.

Just Giving

The message

I want to help raise support for the NHS by playing some tunes to entertain you. Saturday 11th of April from 4-8pm I will be playing classics, underground gems and old bits from the mid 90's. There will be a chat room, and a zoom link so you can see me and others partying away where they are. Shout outs are encouraged, big ups to the mums and dads, the kids, get everyone involved!

Whilst you're at home, (enjoying some tunes hopefully!) let's have a think about our front line NHS staff. The link above directly donates to this campaign, money is sent to the NHS Charities Covid-19 appeal.

Our amazing NHS staff and volunteers are working tirelessly to care for COVID-19 patients. And we want them to know the country has also got their back. We are so proud and in awe of NHS staff and volunteers as they work tirelessly to save lives! This means staying away from their homes and families, working day and night, to treat as many people as possible in need of care.

So that's the message, stay home, protect the NHS and save lives. Oh yeah, and smash out some UKG!