Italian born, based in London since a decade, a music obsessed since he listened to is first record from his step-father when he was a baby, it was from an Italian band inspired by Frank Zappa called Elio e le Storie Tese (I still remember those beautiful moments and still love that band, and even more Zappa)

Growing up in the Italian countryside the only music I had access was from MTV, in the 90’s in Italy was still something new and fresh, and beside the usual Pop its during the day, you had all the electronic, indie and experimental stuff mostly coming from the UK scene, he could barely manage to get CDs beside the classic Rock music, to ear and Aphex Twin track you have to wait after midnight on Mtv to start to have a rotation of the new Electronic Music, something completely new and crazy for a kid in that reality where the only thing you could eat most of the day was Britney Spears or Italian singers

Things got a turn when internet arrived, so finally got to start to have on his hands the firsts DAWs and loads of mp3 from Napster and others, the first rave that put the seed on his mind to move to London was when he was 16.

Just after finishing High-School he moved to London and the first thing he did is going to buy records of any sort in Soho and never stopped since.

During those years he sharpened his music knowledge by attending all the DJs and Band he could and all sorts of genres.

Fren has always been producing music since the 00s and he tries to get better at this game everyday.

Has been working extensively in clubs in London and 2020 for him has been a year of reflecting and changes, finding for the first time to fully focus on his passion he decided to try to do this as his full time job.

Genres/Styles: Balearic, Cosmic, Disco, House, Techno, Jazz, New Beat

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