Fly Fox is a DJ playing out of Bristol, UK. You can catch her playing on Crate Digs radio every Sunday from 5pm GMT. Here's more from her:

"I attended my first Glastonbury Festival, barefoot and feral, at the age of 2. Growing up as a regular on the festival scene, dancing in a field in front of a loud Soundsystem became my stomping ground.

I've had exposure to many different music genres; it's given rise to my love of 'dubbie' baselines, heavy beats and world music.

In my teenage years, I got really into Hip hop, Jazz and R&B. I would make compilation mixtapes/CDs for friends, this was followed by buying vinyl and dabbling in being a DJ, playing DnB and hip hop at house parties.

Then the 90's introduced me to the underground rave scene, where free parties and weekend raves became a regular thing. I became engaged with a whole new world of electronic music. You will now often find me playing acid house, house and chugging techno when the right time allows it. But during my more chilled sets, expect to hear an eclectic mix of unexpected all sort, house and techno in all its forms, all things Detroit, Hip Hop, world influences and Soulful Jazz."