After growing up above various nightclubs in his early years, Bostock became infected by electronic music at an early age and began dj-ing in his teens. Now living in London, has played at numerous underground events from Hip-Hop and Electronic, mixing both intuitively, tending to lean towards the more obscure of discography and is influenced by the sounds of his friends and his childhood. He is also a producer, previous projects receiving international radio support and through project outlet Big Love is also working on creating community based physical audio/visual experiences to go alongside the virtual.

Bostock says “I love the fact that I can showcase the raw underground talent that people do not get to hear every-day. I want to use the CrateDigs show to showcase all sorts of underground media, it does not matter the genre or style if it’s unknown I want it to be known.I grew up crate digging online, if anyone knows the old Alias Bass UK channel, you’ll know what I’m talking about, those rarer cuts that you just can’t find anywhere else : I’m all over it. To be able to see what you cannot find, sometimes all you have to do is listen and that’s why I called it Diamonds in the Rough”.

Genres/Styles: Electronica, House, Hip-Hop, Techno, Psychedelia