Blason is an aspiring Manchester based DJ from Nottingham. Since a young age he has been an avid digger for all things underground and over the past few years has seen his collection grow from strength to strength.

Pinning to a singular genre is not his style. With influences spanning from acid techno from the late 80’s, house & breaks influences from the 90’s and early 2000’s; as well as new styled releases hanging under the bracket of micro-house, glitch, techno & ukg. A hybrid sound being massively pushed at the moment and something blason enjoys digging and playing. Expect a variety of mixing and selection styles from this one.

He also runs a club night by the name of       Bite Back which throws multi-disciplinary club nights with the aim to push the underground music scene, combining it with installation arts which really encapsulates the true underground DIY energy that inspires the scene today. All whilst creating a safe dance floor for everybody no matter their race, gender or background.

An all inclusive DJ, playing the sounds of the more obscure sides of the scene. Unknown tracks expected.

Genres/Styles: house, micro-house, deep house, 90’s tech, techno, electro, ukg, trance, acid, breaks