Arjuna Jai Vidal is an ex-monk and multi-instrumentalist who has worked with a number of venues around the globe bringing his unique and exotic Disco, Funk, Afro, and House mixes.

He is also the founder of Mystic Mountain Records UK (an exclusive house/disco/funk label based in the heart of the UK, Northampton) and "Velvet Connection", a psychedelic funk band who's main criteria is the revival of the disco-funk scene.

He takes inspiration from an array of DJs including Folamour, Natasha Diggs, Dave Lee, Coeo, Purple Disco Machine, and Crazy P.

As a pure vinyl DJ he truly is the definition of a "Cratedigger"!

Genres/Styles: Disco, Nu-Disco, Funk, House, Funk, Groove, Afro

Links to socials:

Instagram: @vinylveggie