Crate Digs was founded in 2019 by Jay Sebastian. From a simple concept of regular podcasts/recorded sets, the idea for Crate Digs has grown into an online radio station.

The ethos for Crate Digs is straightforward, we encourage music exploration. Crate Digging is a well-known concept amongst DJ's and producers who are seeking to find everything from the latest, to old gems and nostalgic records that have meaning and tell a story. There's no ego's here; everybody is equal. There's no right and wrong - just people enjoying their craft and celebrating the cultures of music.

How to listen at home

You can now listen to Crate Digs at home on popular home listening devices and systems. Here's how:

Google Home: Via Simple Radio app you can find us on here and stream to Google devices at home.

Alexa: "Alexa, enable Crate Digs Radio". You've got to be pretty accurate with your pronunciation. Once you've enabled Crate Digs on Alexa, future requests "Alexa, play Crate Digs Radio" should put you straight on to us.

Sonos: On your app or desktop Sonos application, you can manually add a station, and then to your favourites. The URL you need is:

On the mobile app for Sonos: