cratedigger (plural cratediggers) (slang) A person who habitually looks through crates of vinyl records at music shops, especially in pursuit of rare or interesting albums.


Crate Digs was founded in 2019 by J.F. Sebastian. Like most DJs, a self confessed Crate Digger he had played on radio stations, events clubs and believed in sharing that passion for music and vinyl culture.

In June 2020, the Crate Digs radio service was launched off the back of a charity event online raising money for the NHS in the U.K. during the first wave of the pandemic. Since then, Crate Digs has grown from 3 DJs - to 70+ in just under the space of a year, from all corners of the globe.

Mission Statement

An online platform that celebrates a global "crate digging" community, with a mission to curate and enhance deeper connections between music artists, selectors and listeners.

We are officially licensed in the UK to broadcast online with PRS and PPL regulatory bodies. It was important to immediately establish that definition between underground/pirate stations, but still retain that underground soul and spirit.

The future vision for Crate Digs is to promote the record shop counter culture and make that more accessible to wider audiences. Music in today's age is often fed to us through playlists and algorithms. Crate Digging is an art form. From where to find music that's not readily available, to locking into crates not knowing what you might find. The aesthetics of vinyl, vinyl art and the knowledge in the scene is what pushes this passion and obsession amongst Crate Diggers. We want to be able to shine a light on that experience and connect people together.

Soon we will be delivering not only live broadcasted audio from DJs around the globe, but streaming live from events that are Crate Digs hosted.

Record Shop “In stores”

We want to support independent shops and labels. We will soon be covering record stores in the U.K. and globally to highlight these mines of joy.

If you're a record store owner reading this and want to receive coverage from our team here at Crate Digs, send us an email to

The Future

Our future targets and aspirations will be to set up and run our own independent label, engage with other record labels and promote their music through our platform. We have to consciously be trying to take the control back of revenue in the music industry. Other events will be charity focussed, and open deck sessions to encourage new Crate Diggers into a live arena.