Liam has been in and around since the inception of Crate Digs. He has a great sense and feel for his craft. A vinyl king, he plans his shows and mixes with precision and is a fountain of musical knowledge.

In his own words:

"A music lover first and foremost. My approach to music is firmly rooted in the culture of the dance. In the eclectic dot joining and the journey of the mix.
Having been immersed in the scene since my early exposure as a spotty 15yr old. I've always been happier with my nose stuffed in the DJs record box rather than sweating it out on the dance-floor.

I'm pleased to bring you a slice of my record racks to you quarterly on crate digs.
Expect a proper dig. The mixes are themed, late night Sunday explorations into this most wondrous of musical worlds.

Three hours of classic mixtape vibes to bring a slice of joy to those busy heads. Think of it as a reset. A time to switch off. So pour yourself a nice drink. Pull up a chair, stick the headphones on and let us explore."

Liam plays the 5th Sunday in a 5 week month:
- January 31st 2021
- May 30th 2021
- August 29th
- October 31st

from 7-10pm GMT/UTC.